Our Focus through Vocational Service

As business leaders, Rotarians share their skills and expertise through vocational service, one of Rotary's Four Avenues of Service. Our vocational service efforts can play a vital role in improving the quality of life for those hardworking members of the community who need direction and expertise. By participating in any of a number of vocational service activities mentoring, career days, vocational awards, business assistance, or even talking about your job at a club meeting we can turn our experience into an invaluable resource for others.

This year we plan to run:

  1. Mock Job Interviews which are an element of the school curriculum. They assist young people attending Year 10 in Secondary Colleges gain knowledge and skills related to employment and the workplace. This helps them make effective choices for the future.
  1. Shine on Awards that are awards to recognize the outstanding service contribution to the community by persons with disabilities
  1. Vocational visits to widen the knowledge and provide ideas to Rotarians and their business acquaintances.
  1. To introduce the Why Try program. This involves training teachers in skills to encourage students to stay at longer at school and therefore complete their education.
  1. Request nominations for a Pride of workmanship award, to provide business leaders with the opportunity to recognize worthy employees to the public outside the confines of their own company.