Rotarians Against Malaria – RAM

The Rotary club of Richmond recently sent five members of its club to the small village of Panggoe in the Solomon Islands. The team members spent two weeks building a Malaria laboratory that is part of the RAM’s project to reduce the instance of Malaria in the Solomons.

In some areas of the Solomon’s the instances of Malaria among young children is occurring at a rate of 1 in 3. However, by assigning trained Malaria officers to particular regions in the Islands to oversee preventative Malaria programs, this rate has been bought down to 1 in 40. This is being done by distributing bed nets, monitoring mosquito levels, fogging mosquito prone areas and taking blood samples from villagers to test for Malaria disease. By building a Malaria laboratory in the village, Rotary was able to then put a Malaria officer into the region so that Malaria reduction program could begin.


Building a Malaria Laboratory DIARY: RAM - Solomon Islands Trip - September 2004

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