Rotary Club of Richmond Cluster Presentation Albury 2013

The Rotary Club of Richmond has always prided itself on our youth programs. This year we have been exceptionally busy. We started the year with the arrival of our exchange student, Giulia Cardosa from Brazil. Very quickly she had won the hearts of all our members. Much to our surprise Giulia opened the last district conference in Melbourne. How proud we were of her.
Giulia has been an enthusiastic participant in all club activities and we loved celebrating her birthday at Copacabana.

An innovation by Giulia was to give us a ‘wish list’ of activities she would like to undertake before her return. This meant all club members had the opportunity to show Giulia around Melbourne and Victoria. The idea was so successful that it has been passed onto all exchange students.

Another little girl who stole our heart was ROMAC patient Failyne Terry from Vanuatu, here for life saving surgery. Failyne visited the club on many occasions and lit up the room. She was such a change from the very sick little girl who had arrived.

We hosted the MUNA camp and President Sue Bolton was lucky enough to travel with the winning teams to Canberra, acting as their counsellor.

The club also catered for the RYPEN camp last October. To see PDG Judy Nettleton and PP Jo Cowling turn 10 dozen eggs into the most delicious scrambled eggs was amazing.

Our Kindy Box project in East- Timor goes from strength to strength and a program of teacher education has been added.

We conducted competitions in public speaking and writing and at Melbourne Girls’ College Mock Job Interviews.

RYAP – the Rotary Youth Arts Program is the start of a 5 year program that engages disadvantaged youth through dance, photography and film. Those who graduate are then able to proceed to our Next Step Program where socially and economically disadvantaged young people are guided and supported during their transition from school to a first career job that matches their interests and competencies.

Interstate District 9800 Conference 2005 Photo Gallery

The District Conference was held in Hobart at the Federation Conference Centre/Hotel Grand Chancellor between 17th and 20th March 2005.