21 August 2017

Tonight's Meeting   Social Get-together

Club Birthday

On August 24th 1964 the Rotary Club of Richmond was chartered. One of the original members is still with us today. Geoff Clarke has been an honorary member of the club since he has been too frail to travel, but I have included an article Geoff prepared for our 50th birthday in 2014.

Per courtesy Rotarian PP Trevor Pang

President Michael, fellow Rotarians, Ladies and Gentleman On this day 50 years ago, 26 members of the newly to be formed Rotary Club of Richmond, together with wives, friends and other Rotarians were gathered at Number 9 Downing Street, South Yarra.

I do not know how many were there but of the proposed new Rotarians - I only knew one. He was Norman Neal of Cherub Shoes.

Other Rotarians I knew were Ken Blair of the Melbourne Club - the DG Representative, Roy Driver of Melbourne Club, a Scout Commissioner, and PDG Roy Nichols of Heidelberg Club, also a Scout Commissioner.

The Rotary Club of Melbourne had asked the Municipality of Richmond as a recruiting territory from which to gain members as then there were many large companies there. And also Apex, Junior Chamber of Commerce and Lions from whom to gain candidates.

In those days a member had to attend 60% of luncheon meetings with make-ups, 60% of his working time must be spent in the locality, and he must be an executive of his firm. It was also desirable to have his wife's approval.

It was also desirable that Service Projects be contained to the Richmond area, and the first project was undertaken to repair the Richmond Day Nursery in Abinger Street. Each Rotary member if able, was to help either from his own trade associations or from his own firm's resources.

The project was costed at $25,000 and the money was raised from a Car Raffle and also of a Boat and Trailer as prizes. These items were donated through the instigation of members of the Club.

The Day Nursery is still going, possibly over 125 years old. The Club's first President was Cec Schilling of Kayser Lingerie and his wife was the first "Rotary Ann's" President.

Cec had been a Rotarian before - I think in Queensland. Remember there were no ladies in Rotary then and the President's wife automatically was President of the ladies. The first meeting was at Turners Catering Rooms in Burwood Road Hawthorn, opposite the Town Hall. Sixteen Rotarians attended - the others - I'm unsure. It wasn't until the end of my year as President (1967- 1968) that the Club had 52 members at regular luncheons.

Times have changed, the old businesses in Richmond are gone. Bryant and May, Ruwolts, Cherub Shoes, Kayser, Hansen and Yuncken, Lawson-Paragon, Pelaco, Bethesda Hospital, Victorian Hospital Association, Clark, Picton Hopkins and GTV 9.

Conditions of membership have changed, costs to be a Rotarian have risen. I read from the Rotary News and also the Magazine - I could go on - but not today!

I certainly congratulate Richmond on its performance over the years and my best wishes go to President Michael on his second term as President and also to all those "OLD" Members I knew who are still carrying on.

It's also my 96th Birthday today and I'm sorry my aged bones are confining me to barracks - as my heart wants to be with you.

Thank you for your Fellowship and thank you Trevor - for thinking of me.

I'm proud to be a member of Richmond Rotary Club.

Geoff Clarke
23 August 2014

PP Trevor Pang also provided the following I think it was 1988 when Geoff Clarke started to "harass" me about Rotary. However my relationship with Geoff preceded many years prior to 1988, around 1967 I commenced my career in the Import/Export industry & Clarke Customs (Geoff & elder brother George) was our custom agent.

Clarke Customs (now Clarke Global Logistics) are still our custom agent & will celebrate their 100th Year in September as attached. Started my Geoff's father when Geoff was one-year old! In the late 1980's we moved our business to 47 Mary Street Richmond, directly opposite Clarke Customs so there was no way I could escape Geoff's "weekly Rotary visits". Eventually I relented & accepted his invitation to attend a series of introductory Rotary lunch meetings at Leonda - the rest is history!

May I add, that my Rotary Ideals were embedded in me by Geoff well before my membership hence Rotary's Humanitarian Vision is indelible in my mind.

A Very Happy 99th Birthday to Geoff & may he continue to be an inspiration to the Rotary Club of Richmond.

VALE - Rotarian John Birch

With sadness we learned of the death of that Rotarian John Birch. John joined the club in 1980 and served as President in 1992-1993. He became a Paul Harris Fellow in 1993-1994. Many will remember Birch's Haberdashery a long time Richmond business. On behalf of the Club we acknowledge John's passing and his long term commitment and membership of the Rotary Club of Richmond. Our deepest sympathy to Isobel and family at this sad time. Funeral details will be announced when available.

Thank you to Secretary Jo Cowling who provided an informal opportunity to hear more about Rotary and the Club at her home last Saturday. New and potential members present were Rotarian Evonne Grosso, Anna Walpole , Annette Pepper and Melinda Chester. Also present were PP Nia Holdenson and Sue Bolton. The discussion was wide ranging and raised many ideas that will be conveyed to President Chris and then the club.

James Hamilton attended the Rotary Success seminar and the Rotary Leadership Institute.

Jo and Sue of attended the district seminar on Child Safe Activities – a guide to the obligations of Rotary Clubs. These are very serious obligations and a club will have to format a policy to ensure that we meet all the requirements. Heavy penalties apply both to organisations and individuals if we don't comply. There will b e a club information session provided soon.

What a blooper! My apologies.

Of course it was congratulations to President Chris and Mel on the purchase of a block of land at Torquay,
ready to build their dream home!!!!

Janice Peeler reports that the next 4th Friday Lunch on August 25th will be at The Grand hotel, 333 Burnley St, Richmond, starting at midday. We will be in the beer garden and need to book.

Judy Nettleton is celebrating a very special birthday with relatives and friends. A special occasion will be made more special with the visit of Erin (Judy's best and longest friend from Perth.) Happy Birthday for the 23rd Judy.

Congratulations to the following members on their inductions to the club: Jenny List 22/08/2011, Dawn Giltinan 22/04/2014, Warren Golding 23/08/1999 and Geoff Clarke 24/08/1964

Friends of Richmond Rotary - FORR


President of FORR, Sally O'Sullivan took all of the groceries brought by members to Rotary last Monday night to the Salvation Army on Tuesday.

They were ecstatic as they were just about out of food.

They were amazed at the quality and quantity of the food could not thank us enough .

I want to thank every one of you for your generosity it makes me proud to belong to Rotary!!!!

Thanks Sally


A social outing to the film Victoria and Abdul and a light is planned for September 19th at the Palace Cinema Balwyn.

Abdul Karim arrives from India to participate in Queen Victoria's golden jubilee. The young clerk is surprised to find favour with the queen herself. As Victoria questions the constrictions of her long-held position, the two forge an unlikely and devoted alliance that her household and inner circle tries to destroy.


Contact Sally re food items for the RYAP supper on September 20th


Past Rotarian and Friend, Phil Mylecharane issues this invitation


Last week's Speaker - Alan Dilmot

This talk was fascinating and delivered to us 6 secrets of Dickens that has profoundly affected his writing. The first was the disgrace of working in a 'blacking' factory at the age of 8. Blacking factories appeared in all of his novels.

The second and most controversial secret was his 40year long liaison with Nellie Turner. There are two opposing schools of thought. Was she, or was she not his mistress?

Alan's talk kept us all enthralled and made us all want to go back and re read our Dickens.


District Conference Early Bird Bookings Now Open


The club has accommodation bookings at the Quest Apartments - next door to the Conference centre. 2xstudio - $175n, 1x two bedrooms - $329n, 2x three bedrooms - $399n Expressions of interest can be registered with Jo, Adam or Sue

Future Events

24th    Thursday   53rd Birthday of the RC of Richmond
25th    Friday        Lunch, Grand Hotel
28th    Monday     June Factor, 'Befriend a Child in Detention'

4th      Monday        Club visit to RC of Fitzroy
11th    Monday        DG Peter Frueh - Official Visit
18th    Monday        No meeting
20th    Wednesday   Rotary Youth Arts Program (RYAP)
22nd    Friday           Lunch venue TBC 25th Monday Rotary Information Evening
25th    Monday         Rotary Information Evening


17 August 2017


The Friends of Richmond Rotary assist the Salvation Army Richmond with food donations:

"I went to the Salvation Army today they were ecstatic as they were just about out of food.

They were amazed at the quality and quantity of the food could not thank us enough.

I want to thank every one of you for your generosity it makes me proud to belong to Rotary!!!!"

Thanks Sally
FoRR Chair

"This is a great effort and a relationship the Club may develop further - thank you to the FoRR".
Secretary Jo

14 August 2017

Tonight's Meeting   Alan Bilmont, 'The Secrets of Dickens'

Don't forget FORR

FoRR will be collecting non-perishable, "healthy" food items for donation to and distribution by the Salvation Army. These could include canned and packaged items e.g. tin fish, baked beans, instant noodles, Up and Go breakfast drink, etc.

Rotary Youth Arts Project (RYAP).

This has been in existence for about 20 years. Its focus is on Year 9 students and connects them to the Arts. Over time it's changed its format but never its purpose which is to develop creative skills, confidence, and physical capability in young people who are disadvantaged as a consequence of their history. They are mostly new to Australia and mainly live in the High Rise estates in the City of Yarra and attending Collingwood College

It runs every week throughout Term 3. A special group of 36 disadvantaged young people attending Collingwood College are bussed either to the Centre for Creative Photography or to DanceHouse every Tuesday From 12.30 – 2.30pm. Here they learn and create a Dance and to use Cameras. Special Dance and Photography Teachers are hired for the term. It costs $12,000 and is funded by Richmond Rotary, Collingwood Rotary Club, Simon Marriot and James Edmonds (Rogerseller).

On the 20th September we need your support by attending Fitzroy Town Hall at 6.30pm to join with the parents and other guests to see the young people dance and view the Photographs they have taken. The young people will receive their Graduation Certificates.

We also need help in providing supper to the parents and guests.

Rotary Next Step Program.

This program exists because in the City of Yarra the Youth Unemployment Rate is 26%

This commenced 11 Years ago and focuses on Year 10 students from Collingwood College and Fitzroy High. Some will have completed RYAP. Each year we have an intake of about 35 young people. All are significantly disadvantaged and mostly living in the High Rise estates.

The program is conducted in the two schools 3 days per week every week of the school year. We employ a youth worker Katrina who is provided with an office, and access to the student computer records in each school. She works with the Year 10 coordinator, teachers and the schools' Youth Worker. The school releases the students from class to fit into the interview schedule.

Katrina builds a relationship and helps young people select a career direction, using online career guidance testing. We arrange targeted wok experience, train participants to apply for a job (mock job interviews), and help find employment. We provide training on how to Manage Money (Gavin Martin) and communicating effectively ( Ben Hosking .) We also offer individual Mentoring with the support of TRY mentoring.

Young people stay in the program in Year 11 or Year 12.

The program costs approximately $60,000 a year and is funded by applying to funding bodies such as City of Yarra ($10,000 requested,) and Inner North Community Fund. ($15, 000), and individual donations.

The only cost of this program is the Youth Worker.

We need your help identify work experience opportunities.

At any one time there are about 45 young people in the program 70% of our participants gain employment and create a career.

Club Banners

A long held tradition amongst Rotary Clubs has been the exchange of club banners. The designs are expected to be distinctive, appropriate and express the community of which the Club is apart.

Richmond's banner features the following:

Represents technology, manufacturing & humanity's scientific endeavours on which Richmond's industries were founded.

ABORIGINAL ART – Black, White & Red
This acknowledges that Aborigines are the traditional owners of our land. It represents the culture, the arts, and spirituality of indigenous Australians & the acceptance that we are ALL new Australians.

NUMBERS – Gold & Black
Represents business, wealth & accountability.

GUM LEAVES – Green, Black & Red
Represent Australia's unique environment. It symbolizes life & growth.

Last week's Speaker – Alex Cherney

A daughter's kindergarten project on the solar system inspired Alex Cherney to take up astronomy. His daughter Milana came back from kinder. They had a program about space and she asked if he could help her find aliens. At a star party in August 2009 Alex took his first time exposure of the night sky. He was so thrilled with the results that he has dedicated most moonless weekends since then to photographing two things he loves the most in nature - the night sky and the ocean. Taking a series of images and combining them into a time lapse video sequence adds interest. A time lapse video, Ocean Sky, edited from 31 hours of time exposures taken over a period of 18 months was awarded the main prize at STARMUS, an elite-level astronomy and arts festival in the Canary Islands.

The citation said, ''The scenes are chosen with the eye of an artist, but the subtle panning and excellent control of colour and contrast reveal technical skills of a high order. Especially beautiful are the halos of colour around of the stars in the Southern Cross, when seen through thin cloud.'' His biggest thrill, however, was having his picture taken with festival guests including US astronauts Edwin ''Buzz'' Aldrin and Neil Armstrong and Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov. He also chatted to rock band Queen's guitarist Brian

May, a qualified astrophysicist who was playing in the festival's concert and gave a paper entitled What Are We Doing in the Universe?

Capping it all, Alex won an hour's use of the world's largest optical telescope, the GTC (GRANTECAN or Gran Telescopio Canarias) on the island of La Palma.

District Conference Early Bird Bookings Now Open


The club has accommodation bookings at the Quest Apartments - next door to the Conference centre. 2xstudio - $175n, 1x two bedrooms - $329n, 2x three bedrooms - $399n Expressions of interest can be registered with Jo, Adam or Sue

Congratulations to President Chris and Mel on the purchase of a block of land at Torquay, ready to build their dream home.

Congratulations to the Widdop family on their new dog, Dusty. The name stays as long as Dusty Martin resigns with Richmond!

Janice Peeler reported that the sale of sausages at Burnley Gardens was not as great as hoped, but Richmond members very much enjoyed themselves with lots of fun and laughter.

Nellya & Aivars Lode celebrate their 57 wedding anniversary on 20th August. Best wishes from all of us at the Club.

Future Events

17th    Thursday   Board meeting
21st     Monday    Club Forum
24th    Thursday   53rd Birthday of the RC of Richmond
25th    Friday        Lunch, Romulus and Remus
28th    Monday     June Factor, 'Befriend a Child in Detention'

4th      Monday        Club visit to RC of Fitzroy
11th    Monday        DG Peter Frueh - Official Visit
18th    Monday        No meeting
20th    Wednesday   Rotary Youth Arts Program (RYAP)
22nd   Friday           Lunch venue TBC 25th Monday Rotary Information Evening

7 August 2017

Tonight's Meeting   Alex Cherney – The Night Sky

Alex is a software developer during the day and a keen astronomer and photographer at night with a particular interest in time-lapse photography.
Alex lives in Melbourne, and is an active member of the Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society.

He keeps an online blog with images and videos at terrastro.com

Chefs de Mission or RCR BBQ.

A cold day kept the crowds away and that was claimed the reason for lower sausage sales. But would you buy a sausage from these two?? The Mafia ladies, Friends of Richmond Rotary stalwarts, Sally O'Sullivan and Joan Kennedy.

Our BBQ was out again on Saturday and at the plant sale day at Burnley Gardens.

Many thanks to our BBQ supporters, and to Mark Dwyer who towed the unit to and from the venue.


Serving the Community – Making a Difference

Sally O'Sullivan, the new Chair for the Friends of Richmond Rotary, has been in contact with the Salvation Army, Richmond who has indicated a dire need for food items for the disadvantaged and homeless people in the Richmond/City of Yarra area.

At the Club Meeting on Monday 14 August meeting, FoRR will be collecting non perishable, "healthy" food items for donation to and distribution by the Salvation Army. These could include canned and packaged items e.g. tin fish, baked beans, instant noodles, Up and Go breakfast drink, etc.

Your contribution will directly help someone in our area.

Last week's Speaker – Peter Harrison

As guide dogs assist the sight impaired so hearing digs assist the hearing impaired.

Our speaker, Peter Harrison, told us how rescue dogs are trained to sense a number of key sounds and by various actions they convey these to an owner. They initially respond to 5 sounds: a baby crying, a door knock, a kettle boiling, the phone ringing and smoke alarms.

Peter humorously noted most dogs are brilliant but some owners not as bright and added Cocker Spaniels are the worst type of dog as they were more interest in playing than working!

He noted that companionship, and a sense of security the dogs add, is a valuable aspect to the quality of life of an owner.
This is a Lions project and it costs around $30,000 to train a dog. In addition to being hearing impaired it is a prerequisite the owner has the facility and capacity to exercise the dog. There is no cost to the applicant as Lions fund all the work.

Since inception, Lions have placed over 550 dogs in Australia.

District Conference Early Bird Bookings Now Open


The club has accommodation bookings at the Quest Apartments – next door to the Conference centre.


Future Events


14th    Monday    Alan Bilmont, 'The Secrets of Dickens"
17th    Thursday   Board meeting
21st     Monday    Club Forum
24th    Thursday   53rd Birthday of the RC of Richmond
25th    Friday        Lunch, Romulus and Remus
28th    Monday     June Factor, 'Befriend a Child in Detention'


4th      Monday       Club visit to RC of Fitzroy 
11th    Monday       DG Peter Frueh - Official Visit
18th    Monday       No meeting
20th    Wednesday  Rotary Youth Arts Program (RYAP)
25th    Monday       Rotary Information Evening


30 Years of Service Celebrated

Congratulations to John Benger who joined the club 30 years ago on July 1st 1987

John has been a consistently hard worker for the Club and served on the Board in many roles. He undertook the role of Bulletin editor for the last 5 years – when no-one else was willing to. For this the Club owes him a great debt. John has always maintained that one gets far more out of Rotary than one puts in. He has been awarded multiple Paul Harris Awards by the Club for his continued contributions to the Club.

John served as Chairman of the Southern Region for ROMAC (Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children. He co-ordinated medical professionals including our member Dr Janice Peeler to expedite the arrival and treatment of ROMAC patients. John has a quirky sense of humour and achieved instant rapport with the children arriving for life-saving or life-enhancing treatment from many Pacific and Asian locations. They will never forget John and the changes he was able to make to their lives.

Congratulations John on 30 years of 'Service Above Self' and of Making a difference to so many lives

ROMAC aims to provide medical treatment for children from developing countries in the form of life saving and/or dignity restoring surgery.


  • To provide hope where there is no hope;
  • To restore human dignity to human life;
  • To transform a child's life;
  • To provide the best medical and surgical expertise;
  • To provide an opportunity to mend the broken lives of young people from developing countries.

ROMAC programme in Australia: http://www.romac.org.au

Congratulations to Jo & Michael Cowling who celebrated ther 39th wedding anniversary on August 5th , and to Neale & Helen Jackson who celebrated their 48th anniversary on August 1st.


25 July 2017

Slade Literary Awards

On Monday 24th July, the Rotary Club of Richmond hosted the 23rd Literary Award evening. This competition is open to secondary students from Year 9-11 in schools in the City of Yarra or close by.

The judging panel is not aware of the names, school or gender of the participants and select the winners according to creativity, originality fluency, conviction, appeal and grammar and punctuation.

This year's award was hosted by Rotarian Maria Makris and attended by our new District Governor, Peter Frueh and his wife Anne.

The finalists were introduced to the audience and as a panel were quizzed about their writing. This was ably led by Rotarian Brooke Sandilands and President Dan Tang from the Rotary Club of Collingwood.

The questions provided  interesting insights to each student's  work and how they had tackled this year's theme of "Making a Difference".

This year's winners were:
First Prize – Sarah Kinch, 'Birds of a Feather'
Second Prize – Greta Chadwick, 'The Guest List'
Third Prize - Leyla Yucel, 'Behind the Veil'
EAL Prize – Filbert Christone, 'To My Beloved Winnie Mandela'

Burnley Field Day
Saturday 5 August 2017

Rotarians and Friends able to help with the BBQ please contact Janice Peeler 0419 568 604 or jgarland@tpg.com.au

District Conference Early Bird Bookings Now Open


The club has accommodation bookings at the Quest Apartments – next door to the Conference centre.

Tomorrow's Meeting  Peter Harrison, Hearing Dogs.

Future Events


5th      Saturday     BBQ at Burnley Gardens
7th      Monday      Alex Cherney, 'The Night Sky'
14th    Monday      Alan Bilmont, 'The Secrets of Dickens"
17th    Thursday    Board meeting
21st    Monday      Social Night
24th    Thursday     53rd Birthday of the RC of Richmond
25th    Friday         Lunch, Romulus and Remus
28th    Monday      June Factor, 'Befriend a Child in Detention'



25 July 2017

Last night's meeting was the Slade Literary Award night

We celebrate talented Youth and their writing in one of our well-regarded youth initiatives at the Amora Riverwalk Hotel.


Why Rotary?
This is an extract from Past District Governor Neville John's speech to new district office bearers
There is a lot to be proud of about the organisation.


As you know, every Rotary project anywhere in the world starts with one person who has an idea … and they develop and grow those ideas by using the powerful network of Rotary to really make a difference.

Rotary has been described as the "greatest non-profit, non-religious, non-governmental organisation in the history of the world". We come together to do truly remarkable things. Profound, audacious things, like the elimination of a disease. Today, we are literally at the doorstep of the eradication of polio. It is imminent - with only 5 new cases this year globally. Rotary has made the difference, after the World Health Organisation, after trying to do so thought it wasn't possible.

If that's not enough for you, Rotary is also a world leader in peace initiatives, we improve literacy and numeracy, we house the homeless, feed the hungry, we teach children in our community the right way to do things, and much, much more amazing work that you all do at the club level in your local communities. This is the organisation that you are part of. Bigger than the individual, or the club or district, with the key being held by all of you.

The remarkable thing is we do this in our spare time.

You are playing your part in creating a better community and world, in the realisation that you are part of something bigger - Rotary International's 'huge, powerful network'. You are not doing this alone. With our diverse membership that shares our talents, our knowledge and our experience, willing to do what we canwhen we can with the time we have, we do make a difference and with it, bring hope of a better life for our communities.

But there is always work to be done as we continue to constantly strengthen our clubs, focus on humanitarian projects promoting what we do to our communities while we do it. Strong vibrant clubs, that engage its members with interesting projects; who show and tell their communities what they do have a great future. As life around us changes, we too must continue to evolve and improve.

If we have vibrant, active clubs that engage people with interesting projects and we actively promotewhat we do in our local communities, new members will come and existing ones will stay.


Rotary President-elect Sam F. Owori dies

Rotary International President-elect Sam F. Owori died unexpectedly on 13 July due to complications from surgery. Sam was a member of the Rotary Club Kampala, Uganda, for 38 years.

"Rotary has become a way of life for me – with the intrinsic value and core belief in mutual responsibility and concern for one another as a cornerstone," Sam said when he was nominated last year. "I feel immense satisfaction knowing that through Rotary, I've helped someone live better."
Sam's term as Rotary's 108th president would have begun on 1 July 2018.

"Please remember Sam as the outstanding, hardworking Rotarian he was," said Rotary International President Ian Riseley. "In this difficult time, I ask you to keep his wife, Norah, the Owori family, and Sam's millions of friends around the world in your thoughts."
Under Sam's leadership, the number of clubs in Uganda swelled from nine to 89 over the course of 29 years. 

Sam saw in Rotary members "an incredible passion to make a difference," and wanted to "harness that enthusiasm and pride so that every project becomes the engine of peace and prosperity."
Sam was the chief executive officer of the Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda, whose mission is to promote excellence in corporate governance principles and practice in the region by 2020. Previously, he was executive director of the African Development Bank, managing director of Uganda Commercial Bank Ltd., and director of Uganda Development Bank.  He has also served as corporate secretary of the Central Bank of Uganda.

He served as member and chair of several boards including FAULU (U) Ltd., (now Opportunity Bank), the Uganda Heart Institute, the Centre for African Family Studies, Mulago Hospital Complex, Mukono Theological College, and the Kampala City Council.

Sam also was the vice chair of Hospice Africa Uganda, and board member and chair of the Audit Committee of PACE (Programme for Accessible Health, Communication, and Education) in Uganda.
"Sam was a special person in so many ways, and his unexpected death is a huge loss to Rotary, his community, and the world," Riseley said. "We are establishing details on plans to celebrate his life as they become available." (rotary.org)


District Conference Early Bird Bookings Now Open

Be prepared to be part of Richmond's next fundraiser- a plant sale and BBQ at Burnley Horticultural College on Saturday August 5th

Future Events

28th    Friday         lunch Romulus and Remus
31st    Monday      Peter Harrison, 'Hearing Dogs'

5th      Saturday     BBQ at Burnley Gardens
7th      Monday      Alex Cherney, 'The Night Sky'
14th    Monday      Alan Bilmont, 'The Secrets of Dickens"
17th    Thursday    Board meeting
21st    Monday      Social Night - Club Information Night
24th    Thursday     53rd Birthday of the RC of Richmond


A request for Support

I'm writing to you today on behalf of Servants Community Housing. We are two weeks away from our annual fundraising event! It's in its fifth year, so you may know already that we are taking part in Run Melbourne on July 30th, as Team Servants. The Team is a group of residents, staff, supporters and friends, walking and running distances from 6km to 21km. 

 I am reaching out to our local community to ask for help. Specifically, we are asking for support via donation to the efforts of our participating residents. They will all be walking 6km, and having others recognise their involvement through donation is a great encouragement and motivation for them!
We do all of our fundraising online - we have a team page, where our members and fundraising goals are visible. You can view it here;

To assist in donations to residents in particular, we have also put together a list on our website. By clicking on a resident's photo, you can go directly to their fundraising profile page. That can be found here;

This year the goal as a team is to raise $15,000, with the money set to go toward opening a fourth Servants house - specifically for women who have been traumatised by domestic violence. We would be grateful if you could include this in your newsletter and ask and encourage people to share our efforts and information with their own friends and networks. 

Amanda Donohoe


Au revoir Australie

Bonjour France



9 July 2017

Bulletin 9th July

Our French Rotary Youth Exchange student Philippine attended her last Club meeting on Monday night. Here she is cutting her farewell cake with President Chris Kemp.

In her farewell speech, Philippine told us; "12 months ago I was still in France and I decided to come to Australia for a year. At this point I had no idea about what was going to happen here.

When I left France, I said goodbye to my parents and I was crying and upset to leave them but when I arrived my mind was changed because I was really happy here  because my host families made me feel good and at home, and part of their families. I have met beautiful people, my friends at school, the other exchange students and all of the members of the RC of Richmond and other clubs. Without you all of my year would never have happened.

You have made my year magic and amazing. I have been to incredible places this past 12 months. I have been kept busy with many activities and I have enjoyed a lot.

Through this year I have changed a lot. I have been more mature, autonomous, independent, more open minded, maybe less shy and felt more comfortable meeting new people.

I am so thankful for everything. You have done so much for me and gave me so much
I am sad to leave Australia. I wish I could stay longer, but it is part of the exchange to leave your country and go back. See you later because I will come back some day."


The host experience: Jo & Michael Cowling

Michael and I were asked to host Philippine for one month following her stay with Vicki, Ian and their 3 girls (MGC Family). We were a little reluctant at first because we didn't have children at home and thought we may be a tad boring!!

I can happily say we have had the best month - boring we may remain however we have loved Philippine so much. We have borrowed a "daughter" and this has been such a joy. Philippine has been embraced by our family and friends and in particular, our darling granddaughter Pippy (Philippa) loved her French aunty "Pippy 2" (Philippine).

We are also grateful that the Club has supported the Youth Exchange Program over a number of years allowing all to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful Rotary program. Our exchange students all bring to the Club something different and it is a benefit to us all.

Thank you Richmond Rotary for providing us with this very special opportunity.

Next week there will be an update from our exchange student Genevieve Cox who is spending 12 months in Germany

Rotary's New Year
As the financial year gets underway so do the new Rotary office holders.

From July 1st
The Rotary Club of Richmond has a new President, Chris Kemp. Chris named his new Board and directions in last week's Bulletin.

District 9800 has a new Governor, Peter Frueh. DG Peter is from the RC of Balwyn and with his wife Ann will visit the Club soon and host the D9800 Conference at Warrnambool next March.

Peter & Ann Frueh
Rotary International has a new world President. He is Ian Riseley from the RC of Sandringham.

Ian & Juliet Riseley
Each year the new world President presents to members a new theme and logo.
In 2017-18, we'll answer the question "What is Rotary?" with RI President, Ian  Riseley's theme, Rotary: Making a Difference. "Whether we're building a new playground or a new school, improving medical care or sanitation, training conflict mediators or midwives, we know that the work we do will change people's lives — in ways large and small — for the better."

 This week's speaker is Sarah Condolo. Her topic is 3D Printing.

Future Events

14th    Friday          Camberwell Art Show
17th    Monday      No meeting
24th    Monday      Slade Literary Awards
31st    Monday      Peter Harrison, 'Hearing Dogs'

5th      Saturday     BBQ at Burnley Gardens
7th      Monday      Alex Cherney, 'The Night Sky'


1 July 2017

Bulletin 1st July 2017

Adieu to our French Rotary Youth Exchange student Philippine

Over the past 12 months the Rotary Club of Richmond has had the absolute pleasure of hosting a Rotary Youth Exchange student from the south of France. The 18 year old has attended Melbourne Girls College and had an amazing year with her host families.

If you would like to hear about Philippine's experience come along to her final meeting this Monday.

As a club we are also on the hunt for some new Rotary Youth Exchange host families so if you can think of someone that would make a great host get in touch so that we can support inbound students into the future. 

Change Over Night -  Mark Sheppard to Chris Kemp

Trevor Pang again balanced humour, respect and keeping to time as an excellent MC of the evening.

One of the highlights of the Rotary Year is the presentation by the outgoing President the Project Report for their year.   As Mark said "an incredible document and one of the best selling stories we have of what Rotary membership means". 

Copies of the report are available here

Mark outlined the rewards of being President and thanked all the people that had made the year such a success. He made special mention of the support he had received from his family.

Mark presented a first year member award to Adam Sewell and two Paul Harris Fellowship recognitions.  One to Nia Holdenson for all the work she has done on projects plus in handling the core administration of the club as Secretary. 

Another to Dot Brown who over many years has been involved in club activities and accounting areas.
Mark then handed over the Presidency to Chris.

Chis outlined the three key issues he would like to address in his year:-

  1. To invite 100 people of influence in our community to see how we can work with them on projects and membership.
  2. Increase our use social media via Facebook and Meetup.
  3. Having great projects with opportunities for new members to get involved.

Chris then introduced his new board and management team.

First Year Directors: Nia Holdenson and Barry Roberts
2nd Year Directors: Janice Peeler and Adam Sherwell
Secretary and Vice President: Jo Cowling
Treasurer: Judy Nettleton
Rotary Foundation: Sue Bolton
International: Trevor Pang
Youth and Slade: Maria Makris
Program Jenny List
Ainger Award: Ben Hosking
Vocation and Community Service: Tim Baker
Immediate Past President: Mark Dwyer
Friends of Rotary Richmond: Sally O'Sullivan

For all of our members looking to get involved in projects this year get in touch with the chair of the portfolio that most interests you.

Call for Projects

Do you have an idea for a club project this Rotary year? Get in touch and we will help you put together a project plan to see whether our members can make it a reality. Project plans are due to Chris Kemp and Jo Cowling by Monday 10th July.

Tomorrow's Meeting - Magda Malinowska speaking on "The Driving Force" through thought dynamics. The night will have a French theme as it is Philippine's last meeting

Future Speakers

10th   Sarah Convolo - 3D Printing
14th   Camberwell Art Show
24th   Slade Awards
31st   Peter Harrison - Hearing Dogs


7th Alex Cherney - The Night Sky


31 May 2017

Bulletin 31st May

Mal Walden will be the guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Richmond this week talking about his career, his book "The Newsman" and the challenges facing the television industry.

Book tickets by clicking here via TryBooking

Update from Rotary Youth Exchange student Genevieve Cox

Dear Richmond Rotary,

This month so far has been absolutely amazing, from the First until the eighteenth I had my Eurotour, which was organised by Rotary.

Starting off in Dresden, I visited: Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Venice, Pisa, Rome, Innsbruck, Bamberg (Schloss'es Linderhof and Neuschwanstein) and ended in Berlin. 

My favourite cities definitely had to be Budapest, Vienna and Venice. When visiting Venice we were actually staying in Lido de Helsolo, right on the beach. The picture I have included for this month shows all 106 of us exchange students who were on the trip (three rotary districts) in the Piazza San Marco in Venice, I am sitting down towards the left with the other Australians. 

Since coming home I've been studying extra German (atop of my usual weekly work) to help me prepare for a test I have to complete for my Rotary District next month. Time will be a little bit cramped for me as during a short school break I am going with my host family to the Netherlands and also have a Rotary camp beforehand.

Hope all is going well back in Australia,


Remaining Board Positions and Chairs

 Are you keen to get involved in projects that will support your local community and abroad whilst building some a new skill set.  Whilst we have built a very strong and talented team there are still some positions available for the 2017/18 Rotary year.

If you or anyone you know would be suitable for the below positions send me a reply email:

On To Conference Chair: Organising our club trip to the District 9800 conference in Warnambool
Bulletin Editor: Producing this fine publication
First Year Board Member: Attending 10 monthly board meetings and voting on projects and topics supported by the club executive

Let me know if you would like more information about these roles

Upcoming meetings in June

  • 4th   (Sunday) Flower arranging demonstration   
  • 5th Mal Walden  Melbourne television
  • 12th Queens Birthday Weekend (No Meeting)
  • 19th Janet Etty-Leal Mindfulness
  • 25th District Changeover lunch
  • 26th Changeover

All meetings are held at the Amora hotel on a Monday night from 6:30pm for a 7pm start. If any of these topics are of interest to you please come and join us. Guests are most welcome. The price is $30 for a two course meal and with free car parking


23 May 2017

Bulletin 23rd May

The Rotary club of Richmond welcomed two fabulously talented new members last week. Below are their profiles. We look forward to seeing the difference they make in our community through Rotary.

Lois Peeler. AM   Lois currently is the Principal of Worawa Aboriginal College for Girls, in Healesville, is the Senior Victorian of the Year for 2017, is the Chair of the Department of Justice and Regulation , Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committee (Eastern) and of the Eastern Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group.  She is involved in the Victorian Aboriginal Justice Forum and the Marrung Aboriginal Education Action Plan 

As Principal of Worawa, a school established by her sister Hyllus Maris,   Lois is responsible for giving young Aboriginal women the chance to be part of mainstream Australia without ever losing their own proud culture, history & identity.

Born in the Goulburn Valley, Lois was the first Aboriginal person to work in television, appearing on Channel 9 in the 60s. She toured Vietnam at the height of the Vietnam War as a member of the famous Sapphires, a singing group formed with her sisters.

She has lived in Europe & the USA with her American husband and 2 daughters, & on returning to Australia worked in tourism, heading Aboriginal Tourism Australia for more than a decade. For this work she was awarded the Centenary Medal in 2003.
Evonne Grosso.  Evonne brings her wide experience in Corporate Affairs where she has worked in fields as diverse as funds management, superannuation, insurance, resources, engineering, education, not-for-profit, Software, PR and Advertising. 

Her professional endeavours are driven by shaping an organisation's perception of how it interacts & communicates in the wider community. 

She describes herself as a social justice warrior at heart.  She was born in far North Queensland, is married to Tony, an accountant, & has two teenage sons.  She has volunteered her time to many community based organisations & has been a board member of One in Five, PBS FM & HSBC superannuation Trustee board.  
For the last 5 years she has been helping The Grimwade Centre for Culture Materials Conservation at Melbourne University & the Warmun Art Centre, East

Kimberley build a sustainable partnership. At the centre of this collaboration is the concept of two way learning for both indigenous & non indigenous Australians.  

Introduced by Janice Peeler who noted “Richmond Rotary are delighted to have two new members who, despite different backgrounds and life experiences, share a passion for justice, equality and education

It was very fitting that they were inducted into our club on the same occasion”.

Presidents Message

What an evening the Richmond Rotary just had. The Ainger Awards night was a spectacular night, with ten young finalists speaking to us on topics of their choice. They might be young, but their knowledge and poise at speaking to us on their chosen topic would make most public speakers blush with embarrassment. Take note leaders of the world, these speakers are coming to take your jobs. The way they spoke and the topics they spoke about would make a huge difference to the world if they did have the positions of power they will likely have in the future.

If this is the youth of today, I look forward to a better future under their control because, at the moment, I worry about the decisions being made by the leaders of today. It is nights like this that gives me faith in our youth and the great work that Rotary does locally and internationally to make the world a better place.

Do not forget to invite all your friends and associates to our meeting on the 5th June as we have Mal Walden as our guest speaker. It would be great to have a big crowd for such a high profile speaker.

Mark Dwyer

Richmond Rotary 2016-17

Richmond Rotary & Bridge Road Florist

Flower Arranging Presentation

Enjoy the fun of floral arranging and decorating.

Richmond’s iconic Bridge Road Florists, Jill Mc Intyre, and her senior designer Elsbeth, will be demonstrating the creation of various classic and exotic displays. Last year was a sell out and “one of the best events I have been to” according to attendees.

Amora, 489 Bridge Road Richmond.
Sunday 4th June 2017, 2.00pm,
$50 includes substantial finger food with drinks at bar prices.

Booking: By 23rd May Trybooking.com


OR RSVP by 23rd May to Janice Peeler (jgarland@tpg.com.au), or John Benger (jbenger@bigpond.net.au). Gift voucher available from these contacts.

National Reconciliation Day was the basis of a sports/ entertainment day at Worawa Aboriginal College and a number from RCR volunteered to assist. Our Exchange Student Philippine was appointed apprentice BBQ chef. One of the highlights of the day was the multi-cultural aspect with social and sporting events involving a diverse range of nationalities and cultures.

Upcoming Meetings

May 29th   Social Night


  • 4th (Sunday) Flower arranging demonstration   
  • 5th Mal Walden  Melbourne television
  • 12th Queens Birthday Weekend (No Meeting)
  • 19th Janet Etty-Leal Mindfulness
  • 25th District Changeover lunch
  • 26th Changeover

All meetings are held at the Amora hotel on a Monday night from 6:30pm for a 7pm start. If any of these topics are of interest to you please come and join us. Guests are most welcome. The price is $30 for a two course meal and with free car parking. 

13 May 2017

Bulletin 13th May

Ainger public speaking awards

This week I was lucky enough to attend one of the heats of the prestigious Ern Ainger public speaking awards at Melbourne Girls College. It was one of four nights of heats where over 90 students from schools around Melbourne competed for a spot in the final on the 22nd of May.

Run for over 20 years this fantastic competition is the leading high school student public speaking competition in Australia. It has provided thousands of students with the opportunity develop the very important life skill of speaking persuasively to an audience. Finals are to be held at the Amora hotel on Monday 22nd May and tickets can be pre-purchased here.

It is sure to be a great night as always.

Call for Chairs and Board Position nominations for 2017/18

The Rotary Club of Richmond is currently recruiting its board and project chair positions for the next Rotary year. The following members are currently nominated for the key positions within the club however all club members are welcome to put themselves forward for the coming year or to be mentored into the role the year after.

President: Chris Kemp
Foundation: Sue Bolton
Youth Services: Maria Makris
International: - Trevor Pang
Secretary: Jo Cowling
Treasurer: Judy Nettleton
Vocational: Tim Baker
Program: Jenny List
Fundraising: Janice Peeler 
Social Media: Kristen Widdop
Membership: Adam Sherwell

We currently have vacancies for the position of President elect and Bulletin editor, as well as first and second year board positions. If you can think of anyone that may be interested in taking on more responsibility please let us know.

Happy Mothers Day

The Rotary club of Richmond would like to wish all of the mothers associated with the club a very happy mothers day. We hope your families spoilt you today.

Upcoming Speakers


  • 15th Matt English Grasping Social Media
  • 22nd NHP Ainger public speaking award finals night    
  • 29th Social Night


  • 4th (Sunday) Flower arranging demonstration   
  • 5th Mal Walden Melbourne television
  • 12th Queens Birthday Weekend (No Meeting)
  • 19th Janet Etty-Leal Mindfulness
  • 26th Changeover

All meetings are held at the Amora hotel on a Monday night from 6:30pm for a 7pm start. If any of these topics are of interest to you please come and join us. Guests are most welcome. The price is $35 for a two course meal and with free car parking.


7 May 2017

Local Youth Recognised

Last Monday we had the opportunity to recognise some fantastic young leaders in our community.

Awards for community service and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) were presented to two deserving winners from Melbourne Girls College that had dedicated much of their last year to volunteering with St Johns Ambulance and encouraging girls to get involved in science through engaging experiments like programming dancing robots.

Then our scholarship students that took part in both RYPEN and RYLA camps this year talked of the positive effect these camps had made on their lives. It was an inspiring evening that recognised some of the great opportunities we are able to provide young people in our community each year.

Help Required

RC Richmond and RC Melbourne Park need club members support  at the NHP Ainger Public Speaking Award Heats at Melbourne Girls’ College next week. We need people to help  set up  for the heats and help with hosting the students and  their guests. Also, we need some help  at the end of the night to restore the room for school classes next day.
Details are as follows  :  
  • Monday  8  May, Tuesday 9  May, Wednesday 10 May, and Thursday 11 May  at the Lyceum, Melbourne Girls’ College.   
  • Please be there at 7.00 pm for a 7.30pm start. 
  • Finish will be around 10.00pm  
  • We can guarantee  an informative and entertaining evening listening to our  young student speakers 
  • Please contact Ben Hosking if you can assist by email to  : bhosking@bigpond.net.au  or call on 94992280 or m 0437232880   

Get Wines Direct - Club Wine Night
Reminder tomorrow's meeting will be held at Get Wines Direct. 
161 Burnley St, Richmond at 6:30pm
Cost $35 per head
Cost includes food and free wine tasting.
Lots of awesome wines to try and buy with great offers available.
Special thanks to Adam and Janice for their efforts organising this great event. Let's hope that this event can grow over the years into a successful fundraiser for the club.

Future Speakers

  • 15th Matt English Grasping Social Media
  • 22nd NHP Ainger public speaking award finals night
  • 29th Social Night
  • 4th (Sunday) Flower arranging demonstration
  • 5th Mal Walden Melbourne television
  • 12th Queens Birthday Weekend (No Meeting)
  • 19th Janet Etty-Leal Mindfulness
  • 26th Changeover
All meetings are held at the Amora hotel on a Monday night from 6:30pm for a 7pm start. If any of these topics are of interest to you please come and join us. Guests are most welcome. The price is $35 for a two course meal and with free car parking.


18 April 2017

Bulletin 18th April

Happy Easter

On behalf of the Rotary club of Richmond I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter break spending time with family and love ones. 

President's Message

I have not written in the last couple of weeks and I am sorry for not doing so. Richmond Rotary has had a couple of big weeks with members of our club going to the 9800 District Conference. What an enlightening experience, with some exceptional speakers that had us laughing, crying and making us think about what we can do to make the world we live in a better place for everyone. It would be great if we could get more people to the next year’s conference in Warrnambool.

Last Monday we had a meeting that included all the Cluster clubs, so we had 78 people to a meeting run by Melbourne Park Rotary and the topic was the Rotary Foundation with some guest speakers that had done projects that were funded through the Rotary Foundation.

The Association of Fundraising Professionals ( AFP ) recognised The Rotary Foundation at the end of 2016 with its annual Outstanding Foundation Award.

Just goes to show that everything we do in Rotary is at the highest standard, including our Foundation.
We do not have a meeting over the Easter weekend, so I hope to see you at our next meeting on the 24th April. I know it is just before Anzac Day and some of you will be taking a long weekend, if so have a great time, but I look forward to seeing the people that are not taking Monday off.
Mark Dwyer
Richmond Rotary 2016-17

New Project Ideas

As we approach the new Rotary year I encourage you all to think of project ideas for the 2017/18 Rotary year. With over 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide there has never been a better time to use your Monday nights to make a difference for those less fortunate in our community or abroad. Bring along your idea to our Monday night meetings and we will do everything that we can to support it.

Future Speakers

24th    SOCIAL NIGHT     
8th    Wine Tasting Night    Get Wines Direct 
15th   Matt English    Grasping Social Media
22nd   Ainger Public Speaking Awards        

At the Amora Hotel on Monday night 6:30pm arrival for a 7pm start


9 April 2017

Bulletin 9th April

Nigel Hugh Peck AM

The Rotary Club of Richmond is saddened by the passing of Nigel Peck AM.

Nigel joined the Rotary Club of Richmond in 1979 and awarded a Paul Harris Fellow in 1996/97 for outstanding service to Rotary. Nigel was a well-liked and respected club member and a generous contributor to both the club and Rotary projects. In particular, his support of the Ainger Public Speaking Award for over 25 years is a lasting legacy.

Our condolences to Patricia and the Peck family.  

Genevieve Cox Rotary Youth Exchange Update

This month in Germany had been pretty relaxed. I have become accustomed to the lifestyle and way of things here now, but am still struggling with the language. My highlight for the month has to be visiting Würzberg to visit my sisters old host family. We visited a Bavarian Beer festival, which was very entertaining to see the people dancing on the tables and speaking in the Bavarian dialect. Below is a picture of me on the night.


A night celebrating and honouring the past 60 years of culture and friendship at International House as we dive into the late 50s, and move forward with each act.

13th May, 6.30PM
International House
241 Royal Parade
Tickets available online at:
For further enquiries contact Karolina Judd:
Phone: 0438 664 334
Email: karolinaj@student.unimelb.edu.au

Tomorrow's Meeting - Rotary Foundation Celebration Dinner - Heritage Cluster

Future Meeitings
17th   Easter Monday      No Meeting
24th  Social Meeting

2 April 2017

Bulletin 2nd April

Shepparton District Conference

Over the weekend a group from the Rotary Club of Richmond attended the District 9800 conference in Shepparton. A range of community and business leaders gave presentations on how they help their local communities and the wider world by joining together, engaging in ideas and taking action to connect communities and lead change.

We all returned with great ideas to put into action over the coming year and inspired by the work that Rotarians have done across the world. The 2018 conference will be in Warrnambool and is bound to be a lot of fun.

Mayor Inducted as Honorary Member

President Mark Dwyer had the honour of inducting The Mayor of the City of Yarra, Councillor Amanda Stone, as an Honorary Member of our club.

Councillor Stone acknowledged work of Rotary in the community and especially in the youth area and mentioned the Leadership Award (RYLA), Enrichment Award (RYPEN), the RYAP program for disadvantaged youth and the Mock Job Interviews.  She was very knowledgeable regarding the RCR involvement in all these programs.

Councillor Stone praised Rotary in mentioning how she had spent time in India and had seen the Rotary logo on many projects assisting the needy in that country.


After presenting our Rotary Exchange student Philipine with our club banner and Mark attempted to explain the symbols within it John Benger thought it would be a good idea to get in touch with Trevor Pang to find out the truth. The banner was designed by Robert Bruinewould and the images have the following meanings:

PRINTED CIRCUIT – Green & Gold Represents technology, manufacturing and humanity’s scientific endeavors on which Richmond was founded.
ABORIGINAL ART – Black, White and Red This acknowledges that Aborigines are the traditional owners of our land. It represents the culture, the arts, and spirituality of indigenous Australians and the acceptance that we are ALL new Australians.
NUMBERS – Gold and Black Represents business, wealth and accountability.
LEAVES – Green, Black and Red These represent Australia’s unique environment. It symbolises life and growth. 

Tomorrow's Meeting - Adam Sherwell

At tomorrow's Adam will take us all through the highlights of this years district conference

Future Meeitings
10th    Cluster meeting    The Rotary Foundation
17th   Easter Monday      No Meeting
24th  Social Meeting


26 March 2017

Bulletin 26th March

Rotary Foundation Cluster Meeting

Coming up on Monday 10th April we are having a huge meeting with five other clubs in our cluster to highlight some of the fabulous achievements of the Rotary Foundation over the last 100 years. Luckily for us the meeting will be held on a Monday night at the Amora as per usual, however it will be hosted by the Rotary Club of Melbourne Park so please make sure you RSVP early to help them coordinate numbers for catering on behalf of five clubs.

Then on Thursday it will be off to Shepparton for those attending the District 9800 Rotary Conference.

The Rotary Club of Melbourne Park have teamed up with Comedy for a Cause to bring you a fabulous night of fun and friendship!

This major club fundraiser will be held on Saturday 27th May at Melbourne Bowling Club, Windsor. Money raised will help the Rotary club of Melbourne Park to continue to make a difference through our passion projects, RYLA sponsorships, birthing kits and much more!

They are expecting 200 people to this event so interested clubs are encouraged to book early. This is an incredibly accessible event at only $35 a ticket!

Tickets can be purchased online at www.comedyforacause.net/rcmp

Barry Roberts is again selling Entertainment Books as a fund raiser for the Rotary Club of Richmond . The 2017 /18 books will shortly be available and can be used immediately up to June 1 2018. You will also notice that [ for the first time in my memory] the cost per book has increased to $70. This still represents remarkable value and the Rotary Club benefits to the sum of $14 per book sold.

The rule of thumb remains that if you dine out just twice using the Entertainment Book you will save more than the cost of the book so please order your books now and commence saving as soon as possible.

If you would like one let Barry know via email to bandsroberts@optusnet.com.au and he will sort you out.

Tomorrow's Meeting 

Magda Malowinski from Driving Force has lost her voice so her talk has been rescheduled for July 3rd. Instead tomorrows meeting will be a social night.

Future Speakers

Thurs 30th    District 2800 Conference    Shepparton - April 1
3rd    Adam Sherwood    Talk about District Conference
10th Foundation Cluster Meeting
17th Easter Monday - No Meeting


19 March 2017


Bulletin 19th Feb

Moomba fun and mock job interviews

This week saw a number of our members head to Melbourne Girls college to volunteer for the mock job interview program for another year. Club stalwart Tim Baker did a great job coordinating both interviewers and students helping the younger generation practice some very important life skills. The feedback received has been great so congratulations to all involved.

This last weekend our French Rotary exchange student Philipine had a great time checking out the sites and sounds of Moomba.

Conference update

For those heading to the District 9800 conference in Shepparton Adam has booked us into the fabulous Big Valley Motor Inn. Our club dinner on the Friday night will be at the Parklake Hotel restaurant. Good times await.

Tomorrow's Meeting

20th March   Chris Banks    Zoo Conservation

Future Speakers
27th March   Magda Malinowska    The Driving Force
Thurs 30th March   District 2800 Conference    Shepparton - April 1
3rd    Adam Sherwood    Talk about District Conference

12 March 2017

Bulletin 12th March

President's message

We are all getting a bit of a break from Rotary, as our next meeting is two weeks away because of the public holiday on 13th March.

Before our next meeting on the 20th March, we have organised a visit to Worowa Girls’ College on Sunday 19th March. Could you please contact Janice Peeler to let her know that you wish to come. She will let you know what time to be there and what we might do for lunch after the visit. It would be great to have as many Richmond Rotarians there to see the work that we have funded.

Hope to see you all at Worowa on the 19th and then at our next meeting on the 20th March.

Have a good little break and see you soon.
Mark Dwyer
Richmond Rotary 2016-17

Worawa Reminder

The club is planning to visit Worawa girls college in Healesville on Sunday 19th March to meet with some of the students & to experience the Dreaming Trail which Rotary Club of Richmond helped sponsor.

We will be joined at 11am by one of the schools directors Lois Peeler, so it will be a great opportunity for club members to get to know one of our clubs key projects even better. After the school visit members are planning a lunch in the Yarra Valley.

Please notify Janice Peeler if you plan to come.
   0419568604 or email. janice.peeler@icloud.com

Rotary club of Rochester have invited us to their:


Saturday 6th May 2017
6:30pm for 7:00pm
$30 per person
RSVP Monday 24th April (for catering purposes, thank you)

Send me an email if you would like a copy of their invitation

Tomorrow's Meeting 

No Meeting: Break for the Labor day long weekend

20th    Chris Banks    Zoo Conservation      
27th    Magda Malinowska    The Driving Force
Thurs 30th    District 2800 Conference    Shepparton - April 1
3rd    Adam Sherwood    Talk about District Conference


5 March 2017

President Elect Training in Ballarat. From Left, Dan from Collingwood, Chris from Richmond, Jacinta from Melbourne Park,Joy from Fitzroy, Norman from Carlton and Anne AG of Heritage cluster

Bulletin 5th March

Presidents Message

I am sorry, very sorry, I forgot to do a message for last week’s bulletin, can you please forgive me. That is how I started last week’s message, but you did not get it because the bulletin editor did not put my message in the bulletin.

So please forgive both of us for not getting the President’s message in the last two bulletins.

Richmond Rotary just had a couple of bigger meetings and you have missed some great guest speakers. Two weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hearing from Prof. Clive May on all the research he is involved with at The Florey Institute.

What amazing things he was doing to improve our health, heart and kidneys, you missed an amazing speaker.

At our last meeting, we had two speakers telling us what they are doing with the assistance of a ARH Scholarship. That is an Australian Rotary Health 
Scholarship, the largest single Rotary project in Australia.

Rotary in Australia is doing research in helping people with mental health issues over the next three years through the ARH Scholarships.

Just goes to show that Rotary helps our community in all aspects, locally and Internationally. We all should be very proud of the work done by our Rotary.

Mark Dwyer


Richmond Rotary 2016-17

Last Week’s Meeting.

Australian Rotary Health is one of Rotary’s outstanding projects and it funds many PhD researchers. They complete their doctoral thesis funded by ARH.   Plus ARH  fund other medical scholarships.
Funding a PhD costs roughly $100.000 over three and a half years and with one third from a Rotary Club, one third from ARH and one third from the institution where the research is being undertaken.
Two scholarships have been funded via RCR.
John and Faye Brown, of Motto, have been supporters of ARF in providing one PhD scholarship and multiple scholarships for indigenous nurses.
Pictured is Dr Peter Russell of ARH presenting John with a certificate of appreciation for their contribution.  This scholarship was awarded to Michelle Benstead (pictured) on research into adolescent mental problems.
Stephen Ngo is our second PhD researcher and his scholarship was funded byPearl Day lunches organised by our Past President, Rob Mactier, in memory of his wife who passed away from cancer.  Also by a generous donation from our member Dr Dawn Giltinan. Stephen is researching at Monash Uni and researching the early intervention in the development of myeloid leukaemia cancer cells.  
Part of being a Rotarian is to raise funds for worthy causes and in many cases the causes are remote.  A highlight of the evening was to be able to hear firsthand from recipients of funding how the funds are benefiting them and in the longer term society.

My Rotary

For those members that haven't logged in to My Rotary I encourage you to click on this link to do so. There are a number of resources there to check in and update our club details and projects. Please update your profiles and let me know if you have any issues logging in.

Future Speakers

6th    Alan Mead    Airborne Contamination Control
13th    LABOUR DAY HOL.    
20th    Chris Banks    Zoo Conservation
27th    Magda Malinowska    The Driving Force
Thurs 30th    District 2800 Conference    Shepparton - April 1
3rd    Adam Sherwood    Talk about District Conference


26 February 2017

Rotary Youth exchange student update

Here at Richmond Rotary Bulletin HQ we were very excited to receive an update from our Rotary Youth Exchange student Genevieve Cox. Below is a summary of how she has settled into life in Germany.

My first six weeks have been hectic to say in the least. I am so grateful to be in Germany and to have the opportunities that I do. 
Familiarising myself with school and every day life here has been strange. I'm still not used to the weather though, it's starting to get a little bit warmer though. Here in Aschaffenburg we just reach over 0°degrees during the day.  

There are little things here though that I find very foreign. As a society Germany is far more respectful than Australia; public places are more cleaner, people are more respectful and quiet. 

I've found that in Rotary meetings it is very important for me to use the correct language, if I want to ask someone how their day has been I have to ask "Wie geht es Ihnen?" rather than the far more causal "Wie geht ist dir?" 
little things like this can be the line of offensive and polite. 

I have explored my local area a little bit and have visited a small local castle in Mespelbrunn. The snow has melted by now, but the lakes are still frozen solid there. 

I am very exited for this next year to come, and I am so proud to be able to call myself an overseas representative of Richmond Rotary.

Thank you. 

Last Week’s Speaker.

Prof Clive May from the Florey Institute gave us a fascinating presentation on the medical research being done at The Florey, an iconic organisation, and one of the top ten institutes in the world.

He outlined exciting new trials for a drug which, if given early enough, can reduce the damage to the heart muscle during a heart attack. He stressed that early intervention is critical in the management of heart attacks.

In another area he outlined how experiments in sheep have led to the development of a technique to determining the oxygen levels of the kidney in septic shock, which is critical in ICU management. A great step forward.

He is also involved in the development of STENTRODES, a clever technique using a stent with tiny embedded electrodes, which can be threaded via the vascular system up into the brain, thus requiring no invasive surgery. These can be situated to stimulate specific areas of the brain, and have huge potential in the treatment of diseases like Parkinson's and possibly for stimulation of artificial limbs in amputees.  The future is exciting, and this technique bypasses the problem connected with brain implants.

A brilliant talk, and one of the key comments was that Clive said his career was stimulated by a passionate teacher, and our chair, Janice Peeler, noted that many science students of the future would be influenced by Clive's own passion and ability.

Rotary Showcase.
Promoting Rotary to Rotarians is preaching to the converted and it is vital we promote to a wider audience.
The current District 9800 team initiated a showcase and it was in Bendigo and in the Atrium at Federation Square.

In addition to various Rotary projects being on display the Choir of Hard Knocks performed.

The evaluation team thought it a success.  The cost of having the display space varies related to what is on and the likely crowds and one thought is next year a higher profile time will be justified to create even greater awareness of the work of Rotary.

Congratulations to the 9800 team on this project. 


Future Speakers

27th    SOCIAL NIGHT    Australian Rotary Health PhD Researchers 
6th    Alan Mead    Airborne Contamination Control
13th    LABOUR DAY HOL.    
20th    Chris Banks    Zoo Conservation
27th    Magda Malinowska    The Driving Force
Thurs 30th    District 2800 Conference    Shepparton - April 1
3rd    Adam Sherwood    Talk about District Conference

19 February 2017

Bunnings BBQ Success

Alison and Neal were successful in obtaining rights to the Bunnings Hawthorn Sausage Sizzle facility for Sunday 12th Feb.  Together with sausage chefs Nia, Jo, Mark, James, Judy and Janice they raised over $1700 dollars for Rotary Club of Richmond projects this year.

I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the fundraising work of Neil and Alison in this edition of the Bulletin. The countless hours they have contributed to their community through weekend sausage sizzles, Motto fashion pop up stalls and spruiking our trivia night to local traders are a large part of success of this club.  

Also a special mention to Bunnings and if you think of $1700 X 100 days(Sat and Sun) PA X ?? stores that is a significant contribution to various community organisations.

Some reminders from Janice

4th Friday Lunch
The informal lunches being held at Romulus & Remus on the fourth Friday of the month recommence on Friday 24th February at 12.30pm.  Please let Janice Peeler know if you plan to attend

Worawa visit
The club is planning to visit Worawa girls college in Healesville on Sunday 19th March to meet with some of the students & to experience the Dreaming Trail which Rotary Club of Richmond helped sponsor.
There is also a possibility that we could extend the day by visiting Blue Lotus Farm, the exquisite gardens at Yarra Junction.  This is an opportunity to see the acres of lakes filled with Lotus & Waterlillies in flower.
Please notify Janice Peeler if you plan to come.
   0419568604 or email. janice.peeler@icloud.com

New Bali Hospitality Project

At last week's board meeting it was agreed to support a new project sponsoring a student from an underprivileged area of Bali to receive a full scholarship to the prestigious Mediterranean Bali Hotel and Cruise Line training centre in Bangli.

The hope is at the end of the course the student will have learnt sufficient English and hospitality skills to pursue a life changing career working on an international cruise ship. We will keep you updated as the student progresses. In the mean time you can watch a video of some of the training here.  

Tomorrow's Meeting - Professor Clive May

For tomorrow's joint meeting with the Rotary Club of Canterbury we will have a special presentation from Professor Clive May; Head of the Preclinical Critical Care Unit at the Florey Institute. He will give an overview of recent exciting findings in a number of research areas of the institute, including the bionic spine. 

Future Speakers

27th    SOCIAL NIGHT    Australian Rotary Health PhD Researchers 
6th    Alan Mead    Airborne Contamination Control
13th    LABOUR DAY HOL.    
20th    Chris Banks    Zoo Conservation
27th    Magda Malinowska    The Driving Force
Thurs 30th    District 2800 Conference    Shepparton - April 1
3rd    Adam Sherwood    Talk about District Conference


12 February 2017

There is a lot happening this month at the Rotary Club of Richmond. Below is a summary of some of the exciting things that we have going on. Hopefully you find something that you would like to get involved in.

Market Rotary and RCR.  Last Week’s Speaker

Last week Russell Pearson, from Crimson Fox Marketing, spoke to us on “branding” and specifically on branding a Rotary Club.

Russell recommended ideas.rotary.org  for a list of Rotary projects and this Rotary Foundation Video to make you very proud of what the Rotary Foundation has done.  Highly recommended.

Russell used the analogy that different flavours of ice cream appealed to different people and in making Rotary appealing we needed to address the needs of an individual and not the general needs of society.

He advised on the use electronic marketing and quoted some incredible statistics regarding electronic media and specifically Facebook.

1.39 billion are on Face Book which is near 40% of the world’s population. In Australia 14 million.

In Australia 73% or the under 49 age group, 63% of 50 -64 and 56% of over 65’s are on FB.   

For those that haven't liked the Rotary club of Richmond Facebook page you an do so here.

Special Meetings

20th Feb is a joint meeting with the RC of Canterbury and a good turn up would be appreciated.

27th Feb. The RCR fund two PhD research students and they are addressing us on their research. It would be good for the club to have a good turn up but also it will show our appreciation of these researchers. The mayor of the City of Yarra and the District Governor will be in attendance. The scholarships are prestigious, and allow them to follow their passion, but it provides only the basics in allowances and a good attendance will be a great encouragement to them. So please attend if you can and bring family and friends as it will be a great show case for RCR.

Another Rotary event this month is The Melbourne Rotary Showcase staged in the Atrium at Federation Square on SATURDAY 25 FEBRUARY from 9am to 5pm

It will have the Choir of Hard Knocks performing from 11am and they will lead into our Rotarian Roundup at 12 noon.

Wear your Rotary badge, cap, t-shirt, apron, pin or hat and show Melbourne how active Rotarians are “Doing Good in the World”

Presidents Message

I have just had an email from Tim Baker, asking me to help with the Mock Job interviews that Richmond Rotary run at Melbourne Girls’ College each year. It started me thinking about all the programmes that Richmond Rotary does under the heading of YOUTH.

So here goes in no particular order and sorry for all the acronyms:-

RYAP - Rotary Youth Arts Program

Next Step Program

Ern Ainger Public Speaking Award

Slade Literacy Award

Mock Job Interviews at Melbourne Girls’ College

The following are done by Richmond Rotary through programmes organised by ROTARY:-

Incoming International Youth Exchange Student - Philipine from France

Outgoing International Youth Exchange Student - Gen to Germany

MUNA - Model United Nations Assembly

RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Award

RYPEN - Rotary Youth program of Enrichment

The Science Experience

Richmond Rotary sponsored the new Interact Rotary Club at Melbourne Girls’ College

Richmond Rotary has in the past years got students to qualify and go the NYSF- Nation Youth Science Forum

What an amazing list of programmes that Richmond Rotary does for Youth in Our Community. You just do not know the amount programmes we do until you list them and we do them every year.

I am so proud to be a part of the AMAZING Richmond Rotary and so should every member, friend and business that is connected to Richmond Rotary.

Do not forget to get in contact with Allison re the Bunnings B.B.Q. on Sunday 12th February.

Mark Dwyer


Richmond Rotary 2016-17

Upcoming Speakers

13th Veronica O'brien  Pres. Vic. State Rose Garden
20th     Joint Meeting Canterbury    Prof. Clive May Florey Institute
27th     SOCIAL NIGHT    PhD Researchers speak briefly
6th Alan Mead    Airborne Contamination Control
20th Chris Banks    Zoo Conservation
27th Magda Malinowska    The Driving Force
Thurs 30th District 2800 Conference    Shepparton - April 1
3rd     Adam Sherwood    Talk about District Conference

5 February 2017

Rotary Exchange Student from France, Phillipine celebrating her birthday at our last meeting

Welcome to the first Bulletin for the Rotary Club of Richmond since the handover as editor from club stalwart John Benger. I would like to begin this edition by acknowledging the hundreds of volunteer hours that he has contributed to producing this publication to such a high standard over the past few years. I'm sure if anyone would like to give thanks by purchasing him a glass of red over the coming meetings it would be gratefully accepted.... the first is my shout.


Presidents Message

What a fantastic meeting we had last Monday. Not only did we celebrate Philipine’s 18th birthday, but Sue Bolton was about to celebrate her 70th the next day. So, cake and bubbles was the extra special treat on the night and everyone was having such a great time chatting, that no one noticed that the clock had clicked past 8.45pm before I officially closed the meeting.

Shows that you do not have to have a guest speaker at a meeting to have a great time. The noise in the room was amazing, to hear such a buzz of conversation and people having a great time was beautiful.

Look forward to seeing everyone at our next amazing meeting.

Do not forget to get in contact with Allison re the Bunnings B.B.Q. on Sunday 12th February.

Mark Dwyer
Richmond Rotary 2016-17

Upcoming Meetings

If you would like to come along to any of the below meetings you are most welcome. Just send an email to Nia via secretary@rotaryrichmond.org.au by the Sunday before the meeting so that catering can be organised.

Date Topic Comment
6 Business Branding Russell Pearson
13 Vic State Rose Garden Veronica O’Brien - President
20 Joint meeting Canterbury Professor Clive May - Bionics 
27 PhD Researchers 2 PhD researchers sponsored by RCR
13 NO MEETING Labor Day
30 District Conference Mar 30 – April 1  
17 NO MEETING Easter Monday
12 NO MEETING Queen’s Birthday
26 Change Over Night  

Positions for the 2017/18 Rotary year

As it is already February I invite all members and friends of the Rotary Club of Richmond to think about the role they would like to play next year. Board nominations and project ideas both new and continuing will be gratefully accepted to chris.m.kemp20@gmail.com as we begin to plan the next Rotary year. 


30 January 2017

Meetings - Red items not a Monday Meetings

Not to be missed Feb 20th Joint meeting with Canterbury. Prof Clive May of Florey Institute talking on research related to the exciting area of bionics and specifically the bionic spine.

Date Topic Comment
30 Social Night  
6 Business Branding Russell Pearson
13 Vic State Rose Garden Veronica O’Brien - President
20 Joint meeting Canterbury  
27 PhD Researchers 2 PhD researchers sponsored by RCR
13 NO MEETING Labor Day
30 District Conference Mar 30 – April 1  
17 NO MEETING Easter Monday
12 NO MEETING Queen’s Birthday
26 Change Over Night  

Change to Bulletin Editor

In handing over editing of the bulletin I was tempted to along the tabloid path and head it Bulletin Editor Quits or Bulletin Editor Sacked or Editor in Sex Scandal. However the boring truth in that it is good to have a change of roles and after some years it is time for a change of editor.

Chris Kemp has agreed to take over chris.m.kemp20@gmail.com Please send him articles.

One of the advantages of doing the bulletin is you become aware of all the projects club, District and Rotary are doing. It is impressive and from small local projects to world impacting projects. Rotary is impressive.

Thank you to all that have contributed in my time as editor.

Women Leaders - What does it take?
MC – Tom Gleisner
Keynote Speaker – Kitty Chiller, 2016 Olympics Chef de Mission

Early Bird Tickets now available at rotaryiwdbreakfast.org.au

Diary Note Open Garden

Due to conflicting issues the date planned April opening has been changed to Spring. More later.


Rotary Youth Exchange gave me hope for peace
By Kate Roff, a former Rotary Youth Exchange student

Being lost in the middle of the bustling, hazy, city of Bangkok, Thailand, is not ideal for a 17-year-old Australian girl. But, it was a moment that changed my life.

I was on Rotary Youth Exchange and despite excellent instructions from my caring host-family; I had no idea how the intricate bus system worked, and hadn’t mastered the language yet to ask. After boarding the wrong bus for the third time, a young student calmly stood up, took me by the arm and walked me miles down the road to the right stop. She spoke little English, but waited patiently until my bus arrived and told the driver my destination. It must have added a full hour to her day, and she wanted nothing in return – just to help a stranger.

A bustling, hazy, street scene in Bangkok, Thailand. Photo by Joe Powers

I was shocked. I had never encountered such kindness. That was one of many moments I was humbled by the generosity of the Thai people during my exchange year, and something that I hold up as proof of genuine compassion in the world. Peace News provides alternative news stories from conflict zones.
Today, I am the founding editor of Peace News – a new media platform that provides alternative news stories from conflict zones. While mainstream war reporting focuses on violence, explosions, and hatred, we focus on telling stories of peace-builders. Wars need to be covered, but we aim to provide balance to the reporting – in every conflict zone there are people taking risks for peace, and we want to show that side as well.

In my line of work I see, and hear about, horrific violence, and it’s often difficult to keep faith in humanity. I believe it’s a growing fear for many people today, and sensationalist media representations of how ‘bad the world is becoming’ don’t help. We often need reminding that there are still great people out there, that there are inspiring examples of tolerance and empathy still going on.

My year as an exchange student showed me that there is good reason to have hope, and provided me with a platform to direct my career. Through the endless examples of kindness from a host country, and also exposure to many cultures through other exchange students, I saw enormous capacity for a global community. Rotary taught me to appreciate and respect diversity – a hot topic today with global immigration debates.

I have no idea who that student was who stopped to direct a confused foreigner all those years ago, but her act reminds me daily of what one moment of empathy can do. She taught me to have a little trust in the world we are so often trying furiously to change – and to always travel with a bus map.


President’s Message

As everyone in our club knows that the 26th January is a very important date. We in Australia have a public holiday on that day to celebrate something very special on that date.

Yes, it is Philippine’s birthday. Not only is it her birthday, it is her 18th Birthday.

I would like as many members to be at our next Monday meeting on the 30th to congratulate Philippine and help celebrate her 18th birthday. We do not have many 18th birthday’s in our club, which makes this a special event.

One of the ways the Rotary Club of Richmond communicate is via our bulletin. For a number of years John Benger has been the editor and on behalf of the club I would like to acknowledge John’s excellent work. Including converting the bulletin to an electronic edition plus changing the distribution concept to it going to a wide range of people in the Richmond community.

Many thanks to John on behalf of RCR members. Our new editor will be Chris Kemp and I am sure he will receive your support with articles and news.

Mark Dwyer - President 2106 -2017


Meetings Every Monday 6.30 for 7.00
Amora Hotel
649 Bridge Road Richmond Vic 3121


23 January 2017

Meetings - Red items not a Monday Meetings

Not to be missed February 20th
Joint meeting with Canterbury - Prof Clive May of the Florey Institute talking on research related to the exciting area of bionics and specifically the bionic spine.

Date Topic Comment
23 Fairshare Marcus Godhinho CEO
30 Social Night  
6 Business Branding Russell Pearson
13 Vic State Rose Garden Veronica O’Brien - President
20 Joint meeting Canterbury  
27 PhD Researchers 2 PhD researchers sponsored by RCR
13 NO MEETING Labor Day
30 District Conference Mar 30 – April 1  
17 NO MEETING Easter Monday
12 NO MEETING Queen’s Birthday
26 Change Over Night  

Start of Year BBQ.

Great kick off to 2017 at Janice Peeler’s and thanks to Janice and all helpers and contributors. Dot Brown, Judy Nettleton, Sally O'Sullivan, Jenny List, Janice Kesterton, Jo Cowling, Dawn Giltinan, John Benger and the BBQ cook, Adam Sherwell (pictured).

I’m not sure if she fell or was pushed but Alison had a lot of fun with Dot’s grandkids in the pool.

Great topic Monday and Fairshare is the organisation that started in a small way “rescuing” unused food and now have a major business in feeding the needy.

Diary Note - 8 and 9 th April - Fund Raiser Open Garden

More to come but many helpers needed and please lock out dates in your diary. 23 January 2017

Pre-Christmas our BBQ chefs were busy again

Allison, Neal and Philippine as “sausage masters” helping out and spreading the word about Rotary.

How many sausages is that you have sold team?

A note for “the old timers”

Barry Roberts and Michael Cowling caught up with 25 year ex-member David Altson. David had an office was in Swan Street and he supplied special tyres and associated equipment for mining and heavy machinery. He and his wife Delphine, who was active in our ladies group, moved to their farm at Fish Creek after he retired and he resigned from the Club due to failing health. Sadly Delphine passed away a few months ago. David said he would love to re-establish some of his old friendships. His phone number is 0400 829 479.

We produce a weekly newsletter and if you send your address to jbenger@bigpond.net.au we will add you to our mailing list. This list is not a source for personally chasing funds and is an information sheet.


Meetings Every Monday 6.30 for 7.00
Amora Hotel
649 Bridge Road Richmond Vic 3121


President’s Message

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you have had, or are having a great break, but we are back to the usual meeting this Monday.

I had the great pleasure to see our outgoing exchange student, Gen Cox, off at the airport last Saturday. She was excited, apprehensive, nervous but was looking forward to all the new experiences that are ahead of her. She stated that she will keep us informed on how things are going by sending reports to John Benger.

We started the year with an informal get together with a lot of members meeting at Janice Peeler’s place for some food and conversation. Everyone looked like they were having a great time and I wish to thank Janice for allowing us to use her place for the usual start to the New Year.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our first formal meeting on Monday.

Mark Dwyer
Richmond Rotary 2016-17


Photos: Trevor Pang

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